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International best selling book Property Quadrants: The passive income formula to own your financial future through real estate investing.  Written by Nichole Lewis   Amazon review: If you are even slightly interested in buying and selling real estate, this book can teach you a few things. Not only is it written in a way that anyone can understand, and makes sense.
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A Sneak Peak Inside The Book:
Secret #1: Making My First Million For The Second Time - Mistakes I Made And 9 Key Principles (Page 1)
Secret #2: Property Lifestyle Action Steps (Page 15)

Secret #3: Property Quadrants Overview - Understanding The Four Quadrants (Page 24)

Secret #4: Quadrant One - Your Family Home (Page 27)

Secret #5: Quadrant Two - Cash Poor Property - 5 Common Mistakes (Page 37) 

Secret #6: Quadrant Three - Cash Rich Property - Crucial Rules and Key Lessons for Successful Projects (Page 47)

​Secret #7: No Money Deals - Make Money Without Having Any Money - Five Types of No Money Deals (Page 63)
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